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Coaching Insights

Show the way

Effective coaching can have an enormous impact of productivity.  Coaches can help team members develop the skills, capacities, and knowledge to improve and reach new levels of performance.  But to be an effective coach you need access to the data that spotlights the areas of potential improvement.


Results Are Out of Your Control


"Score More Goals", "Close More Deals" - wouldn't it be great if we could coach team members by simply focusing on results.  Unfortunately, results are out of your control but the good news is we can control and influence the key activities affecting the outcome.  Performulus provides visibility to goals and actuals for what can be controlled - activity.



Spotlight Individual

Team Members


With Performulus benchmarking capabilities compare individual team members activity performance (both quantity and conversion rates) against overall team averages to identify outliers spotlighting specific areas of potential improvement.    


Know What is Working


Stop the guesswork and trial and error.  With Performulus, review aggregate team data and understand which activities are most effective at producing results.    


Teams using Performulus Achieve More

Hear from organizations using Performulus to drive dramatic new levels of success.

Achieve More

Performance Formulas empower all types of teams to excel.

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