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Daily Activity Plan

Preparation Creates Separation

One of the key characteristics of a top performer is their preparation. Performulus provides a daily dashboard of the specific activities that need to be executed - no more guesswork and deciding on the fly.  Performance is tracked so you always know the status of your day, what's been accomplished and what's left to do.


Start Each Day with a Plan


Know exactly what to do every day to achieve your goals.  Perfomulus provides a detailed daily activity plan with each activity and its quantity to be completed that day. Each activity has its own progress bar and checkbox to show progress and completion.   See daily progress toward your goal.



Review Your Performance Daily


Automatically reverse engineer goals and historical process conversion rates to produce tailored, Performance Formulas complete with daily plan of activities. Performulus provides any time visibility to your plan performance.  Have a daily performance report delivered right to your email inbox.


Adjust and Stay on Track


Not all journeys go according to plan, sometimes adjustments are required.  Performulus provides the actual values and compares them to the inputs that went in to generating the plan so can you can easily see where your plan may need to be adjusted to ensure you achieve your intended results.


Teams using Performulus Achieve More

Hear from organizations using Performulus to drive dramatic new levels of success.

Achieve More

Performance Formulas empower all types of teams to excel.

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