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Goal Setting

Set goals. Get results.

Every great accomplishment starts with a goal and a plan to get there.  Define a goal for each user and create a personalized plan of activities that are statistically aligned with that goal. Execution of the plan will help ensure success.


Start with a Goal


Setting a goal provides direction, helps guide focus, and provides a way to measure  progress.  Goals should be specific, motivating, and measureable.



Build an Action Plan


You've set a goal but to actually achieve your goal you need a plan of the specific actions to get you there. 


Using a variety of inputs, Performulus works backward from your goal to build a statistically aligned plan of activities including the quantity and conversion rate required to ensure you get results.


Track Progress in Real Time


For longer term goals, seeing meaningful progress  is critical to maintaining motivation.  Performulus provides a daily team dashboard showing progress toward goals and spotlights achievements and surfaces where plan adjustments are needed..


Teams using Performulus Achieve More

Hear from organizations using Performulus to drive dramatic new levels of success.

Achieve More

Performance Formulas empower all types of teams to excel.

We have a full library of Performance Formula templates, start with one of ours or develop your own!

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