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Empowering young athletes to succeed in their sport and in life.

Help us put the positive power of Performulus in the hands of young athletes when they need it most.

Project Lifeline, the charitable arm of Performulus, provides corporate and individual donors the opportunity to sponsor high school, college, and club athletes and teams, putting the positive power of Performulus in the hands of young athletes when they need it the most.

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Our Vision


To inspire and empower the human spirit to achieve its full potential... One person, one plan, one dream at a time.​

Our Mission

Deliver world-class software that inspires teams and athletes to achieve more. To transform from a mindset of fear & scarcity to one of trust and abundance.

See how donations make an impact.

The Power of Performulus

Designed to empower teams and athletes to achieve more, teams that use Performulus are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared to compete and win in their sport and in life.


With the easy-to-use web-based application, coaches can provide personalized training and development plans, as well as daily activities designed to develop confidence, discipline, motivation, character, and other values that help build not only a strong athlete, but a well-rounded person.

See the teams supported by Project Lifeline.

Performulus for Sports - Customer Testimonials
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Hear from teams using Performulus.

Make a difference in the lives of young athletes.

Project Lifeline for Sports

All donated funds are tax deductible, applied in accordance with the stated philanthropic purpose, and utilized in compliance with IRS regulation.


Inspired and empowered by your generosity.


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