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Messaging & Notes

Keep your team connected

Performulus enables teams to connect with teammates and leaders for easy information sharing and to maintain connectedness.   Provide the information necessary to understand what top performers are doing.


Capture Thoughts About Your Day


Have a burst of creativity?  Have some ideas that will help you reach your goal?  Want to reflect on what's working and where you may want to improve?  Performulus provides a Daily Notes section to capture your thoughts and ideas.



Message to Connect and Share


With a chat feature, organized by team, team members can quickly and easily celebrate successes, share ideas, solicit feedback, help one another all while eliminating lengthy email chains. Team members can also chat directly with their coach or manager.


Comparative Team Performance


In team environments receiving feedback not only your own performance but other team member performance can be powerful in understanding how to improve your own performance.  Performulus provides real-time comparative insights so team members know exactly how they stand relative to the rest of the team.


Teams using Performulus Achieve More

Hear from organizations using Performulus to drive dramatic new levels of success.

Achieve More

Performance Formulas empower all types of teams to excel.

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