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BlueZone Systems announces name change to Performulus, Inc.


With a focus on transforming goals into results through personalized Performance Formulas,
BlueZone Systems rebrands their company as Performulus, Inc.

Kirkland, WA, March 23, 2021 – BlueZone Systems, Inc., a Seattle-area tech startup, announced today that they will begin operating under a new name, and will be known as Performulus, Inc. This rebranding strategy reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future.

Launched in early 2020 as a sales productivity platform, BlueZone Systems subsequently evolved into a web-based solution with much broader applicability. Performulus is a no-code platform that enables teams and users from many different use cases to create and deliver personalized, dynamic Performance Formulas. These daily/weekly/monthly trackable activity plans are built using a unique reverse engineering process, and are designed to maximize performance, drive accountability, and empower teams and individuals to achieve more.

Currently, several sales and sports teams are using Performulus, and other use cases are developing as well, including: behavior reinforcement for sales training companies, workouts and competition for CrossFit teams, athlete character development for coach training organizations, college preparedness consulting for high school students, career planning and job search for graduating college students, internship consulting for companies creating internship programs, and many more.

With the launch of a new name, Performulus has a new logo, website, and messaging. They’re partnering with experts from sales training and athletic coaching organizations to compile a library of best practice Performance Formulas to accelerate customer adoption and ROI. And Performulus has a white-labeled product available to partner organizations to provide a behavior reinforcement platform for their training curriculum.

“We believe the rebrand will more clearly and accurately paint a picture of the power of the Performulus platform,” said Danielle Griebel, CEO and co-founder of Performulus. “Our platform provides the confidence, accountability, insights, and motivation to achieve goals, and supports our mission to empower the human spirit to achieve its full potential; one person, one plan, one dream at a time!”

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