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BlueZone Systems Announces the Launch of its Saas Solution Designed to Maximize Sales Teams’ Productivity, Wherever They’re Working


BlueZone is a startup transforming the way sales teams work – Converting goals into engaging plans, and focusing on the daily activities that produce accountability, motivation, and increased results.

Kirkland, WA, May 5, 2020 – BlueZone Systems, a Seattle area tech startup, has launched a cloud-based SaaS solution designed to increase the productivity of enterprise B2B sales teams. Using their unique reverse engineering process, BlueZone translates users’ sales goals into tailored, daily activity plans, and further motivates and inspires through gamification and community concepts. In these uncertain times, as sales teams are working from home at an unprecedented scale and are facing several new selling challenges, BlueZone connects colleagues and inspires individuals to focus on the daily activities that develop high performing sales teams.

The BlueZone productivity platform operates on a 5-step model, focusing on planning, accountability, insights, coaching, and motivation. Using a variety of inputs such as average deal size, win rate, activity distribution and conversion rates, BlueZone creates plans complete with daily, weekly, and monthly activities; and with seamless CRM integration, users document day-to-day performance driving towards their primary goals. With BlueZone, teams can track results to their roots and identify what top performers are doing so they can get laser focused on the activities that work. And sales managers are empowered with the data they need to effectively coach their teams by knowing what’s working and where their sales reps are struggling. To drive ongoing motivation, BlueZone converts completed activities into a daily score, so sales reps can see meaningful progress every day. And with sales activity leaderboards and messaging, teams stay connected, are motivated by their peers, and can share news, insights, and key learnings with other team members.

Studies show that 40% of B2B sales reps don’t reach their annual quota, and in today’s volatile market, teams are being asked to drive higher revenue in a more challenging environment. BlueZone provides the focus, structure, encouragement, and motivation necessary to achieve and exceed goals. In fact, BlueZone users typically see immediate productivity increases of 18-20%.

“Now, more than ever, companies are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage,” says Rob Griebel, President & Co-Founder of BlueZone Systems. “BlueZone will transform the way sales teams work. It’s the only platform on the market that takes a number of dimensions of productivity into consideration to develop efficient and effective sales teams while promoting a culture of transparency, trust, and improvement.”

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