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BlueZone Systems partners with Mission Edge to launch “Project Lifeline for Sports” – Giving donors the opportunity to support athletes, teams, and coaches during the global COVID-19 pandemic


BlueZone Systems’ transformational Athlete Relationship Management platform allows athletes and coaches to stay connected and accountable during this time of need, and builds a competitive edge physically, emotionally, and mentally, preparing teams to compete and win in their sport, and in life.

Kirkland, WA, November 30, 2020 – Seattle area start-up, BlueZone Systems, announces a new partnership with Mission Edge, a social enterprise (501c3) dedicated to helping nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations do more good in the community. This partnership provides the opportunity for corporate and individual donors to sponsor teams, athletes, and coaches impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this unprecedented time, young people are facing challenges like never before. While forced into isolation, the mental health of young athletes is greatly affected with the loss of personal connection, a physical outlet to manage stress, and in some cases their personal identities and futures. Coaches can help alleviate these challenges by implementing BlueZone’s web-based solution designed to engage and motivate athletes; keeping their students physically active and on track, and providing that important interpersonal connectivity that’s missing in these days of social distancing.

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a second epidemic of its own, affecting the mental health of young people everywhere. With over 8 million high-school athletes, and 2 million club-level athletes in the United States alone, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recognized the enormous impact this will have on our youth, “What you learn from playing sports matters more than winning and becoming a star – now more than ever as mental health challenges grow during the Coronavirus Pandemic, which has shut down many sports opportunities for kids. We’re in a very difficult time for youth sports right now. Health and safety are understandably the top priorities. But it’s also a health issue if kids are not participating in life.”

With suicide mortality rates rising over the past two decades, the stressors of the current pandemic are also creating a “perfect storm,” as noted in a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in April. One contributing factor is that many students who relied on sport scholarships to get into college have potentially lost that chance.

BlueZone System’s Athlete Relationship Management platform allows athletes and coaches to stay connected and accountable during this time of need. With the easy-to-use web-based application, coaches can provide personalized training and development plans, as well as daily activities designed to develop confidence, discipline, motivation, character, and other values that help build not only a strong athlete, but a well-rounded person. The platform enables community when in-person interaction is not possible, and provides the ability for coaches and teammates to check-in on each other. Teams build a competitive edge physically, emotionally, and mentally, and are better prepared to compete and win in their sport, and in life.

Coaches who use BlueZone say they’ll never coach without it again. And coaches who see BlueZone for the first time want to implement it immediately. Unfortunately, the pandemic has also decimated the revenues that schools rely on to fund their athletic programs, and many just cannot afford any additional spend. BlueZone’s new partnership with Mission Edge, named “Project Lifeline for Sports,” solves this dilemma. Corporate and individual donors can now sponsor high school, college, and club athletes and teams, putting the positive power of BlueZone in the hands of young athletes when they need it the most. Donations to Project Lifeline are tax deductible, and will be applied in accordance with the approved Project Lifeline for Sports stated mission.

“BlueZone’s mission is to inspire and empower the human spirit to achieve its full potential - one person, one plan, one dream at a time,” says Danielle Griebel, CEO and co-Founder of BlueZone Systems. “Especially during these difficult times, we are so pleased to partner with Mission Edge and our donors to make a difference in the lives of young athletes. It is our honor to be of service, and no team will be turned away for lack of budget or funding.”

Donors interested in donating to Project Lifeline for Sports to help athletes and teams navigate the enormous challenges of the pandemic, may contact BlueZone at (425) 830-9713 or

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