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Project Lifeline for Sports receives $11,000 in grants to support young athletes, teams, and coaches


Performulus’ non-profit, Project Lifeline for Sports, launches with grant funding to distribute web-based platform designed to empower teams and athletes to succeed in their sport and in life.
Seattle area tech startup, Performulus, Inc., has been awarded $11,000 in grants in support of their 501(c)(3) Project Lifeline for Sports program. These grants will allow Performulus to make a difference in the lives of young athletes in underserved communities where the need is greatest, and will bridge the gap for other teams who need Performulus, but whose budgets lack funding.

Designed to empower teams and athletes to reach higher levels of success, Performulus’ web-based platform drives team connectivity and accountability. With the easy-to-use web-based application, coaches can provide personalized training and development plans, as well as daily activities designed to develop confidence, discipline, motivation, character, and other values that help build not only a strong athlete, but a well-rounded person. The platform enables community both during and off-season, and provides the ability for coaches and teammates to easily check-in with each other. Teams build a competitive edge physically, emotionally, and mentally, and are better prepared to compete and win in their sport and have the skills to better succeed in life.

Performulus is working with Mission Edge, a social enterprise dedicated to helping nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations do more good in the community. This partnership provides the opportunity for corporate and individual donors to sponsor teams, athletes, and coaches. All donated funds are tax deductible, applied in accordance with the stated philanthropic purpose, and utilized in compliance with IRS regulation.

“We want to put the positive power of Performulus into the hands of as many athletes as possible,” says Danielle Griebel, CEO and co-founder of Performulus. “Our mission is to inspire and empower the human spirit to achieve its full potential, and we’re so grateful to our generous donors for this opportunity to empower young athletes to succeed in their sport and in life.”

Coaches interested in empowering their team through Performulus can visit Organizations that would like to support athletes through Project Lifeline for Sports may visit for more details.

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