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Top 5 Sports Tech News


Julian Chua, Sports Technology Blog

It’s that time again where we share with everyone the interesting news, events and developments happening in the sports tech world. I might have said it before in some form but I will say it again: it is amazing how this year has panned out and it is even more amazing that with all the curve balls this year has thrown at us people continue to innovate and make good things happen. Sure, there will be the naysayers and the doubters. But let’s just focus on the good and positive because surely that will prevail at the end of the day. In this edition of #top5sportstechnews, it’s interesting that we find five products/startups that all focus on mobile solutions. They are mobile in a sense that they are accessed on mobile devices (smartphones & tablets). They are mobile in a portable way and not restricted by location. They are mobile in a way that they keep physical distancing possible but still keep people connected in meaningful ways. I hope you enjoy =>

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