Name, Image, Likeness (NIL)
Track NIL Opportunities and Reduce Compliance Risk

Automate Opportunity Tracking


Make it easy for your student athletes to benefit from NIL opportunities while ensuring compliance to protect their eligibility. Athletes can easily register opportunities, including mandatory details such as source, point of contact, and value.

Performulus seamlessly routes each opportunity to the athletic department staff for review, and streamlines requests for clarification, additional details, and documentation.

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Compliance Evaluation


Performulus provides visibility to track the status of each NIL opportunity as it flows through the phases of the approval process - pending, under review, additional information required, rejected, and approved.

You can easily access each opportunity for adherence to rules and guidelines, and all communication between student athletes, coaching staff, and the athletic department is documented for every opportunity, ensuring audit compliance.

Reporting and Analytics

Performulus preserves the complete history of each NIL opportunity to provide for easy auditing and compliance reporting.

In-depth reporting and analytics provide valuable insights, resulting in improved opportunities for student athletes and improved compliance for colleges and universities.


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