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Point Targets & Leaderboards

Maintain the will

Setting goals is easy, achieving them is hard.  It takes discipline, perseverance, working through adversity.  Performulus provides daily point targets, leaderboards, and daily performance reports to help teams see meaningful progress everyday to stay motivated in the pursuit.


Daily Point Target


Setting goals is easy, achieving them is hard - particularly long term goals.  Performulus provides a unique a point value for each activity based on it's effectiveness.  Users earn points by completing activities and can ultimately win their day by hitting their daily point target - much like Fitbit.



Team Leaderboards

Competition can be a powerful motivator. The key is to use it effectively. With Performulus we provide friendly individual and team competition for the purpose of supporting goal attainment.  Progress is reported on real time leaderboards available to the team.  


Daily Performance Feedback


Goal setting and pursuit are most effective when there is clear, regular performance feedback.  Performulus provides real time reporting on progress.  Reports and team leaderboards can be viewed at any time.  Daily, weekly, and monthly performance summaries can be automatically delivered to team members via email.


Achieve More

Performance Formulas empower all types of teams to excel.

Teams using Performulus Achieve More

Hear from organizations using Performulus to drive dramatic new levels of success.

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