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Driving Sales Excellence in the New Normal

How to increase sales productivity and revenue in newly adopted flexible/remote work environments

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many companies to abruptly shift to a remote-work model. Most companies were able to adapt surprisingly successfully, and many organizations are finding that the future of work lies in these flexible remote or hybrid models.

However, many still question how sales teams in particular will be able to stay motivated, connected, and ultimately drive increased revenue without the opportunity for face-to-face collaboration.

With the right technologies and processes in place, these flexible, remote, work-from-anywhere models will not only work, but will actually result in a significant increase in productivity, performance, and happiness in the workplace, and ultimately, improvement of the bottom line.

This article will explore the importance of adding tools to your tech stack that empower your sales leaders and teams to cultivate the habits and mindsets that drive higher levels of performance and achievement, and real business results.

Driving Productivity and Purpose through Technology

In the flurry of moving to remote work at the onset of the pandemic, organizations implemented technologies like Zoom, Slack, remote VPN access, and a myriad of other cloud-based operational applications to ensure the business could continue to function.

Now that operations are, for the most part, running smoothly, it’s a perfect opportunity for organizations to gain a competitive edge by investing in the enhancement of employees’ productivity, performance, and happiness in the workplace. The key to driving real business results lies in incorporating a tool that will help your sales leaders and teams to cultivate the best practices and mindsets that drive higher levels of performance and achievement through:

Planning: Great accomplishments must begin with a goal and a plan to get there. Company goals should flow down to team and individual goals, and be statistically aligned with a plan to achieve success.

Visibility: Remote work and new applications have introduced visibility gaps that hinder productivity and alignment. With additional tools that provide visibility into which selling activities are producing real results, teams can adopt better practices and continuously improve.

Motivation: Maintaining the motivation to achieve long term goals is hard, especially without the in-person camaraderie office-settings offer. With reverse-engineered daily plans that align to the overarching goals, individuals will realize meaningful progress everyday. And team leaderboards provide the friendly competition that propels sales results.

Better Management: Sales transformation starts with leadership. Help your sales leaders learn and practice coaching skills that they apply to their team. Give them access to the data that spotlights the areas of potential improvement, and ultimately empower them to guide teams to their full potential.

Communication: Without daily face-to-face interactions, companies should look at ways to add the human touch by incorporating elements that more deeply connect the sales leader with team members, and by asking questions that get to the heart of what is most important to the sales rep. This helps reps feel valued, heard, and connected. In turn, the team member is more engaged, has greater energy and clarity, and is ultimately more productive.

The Performulus platform is a key addition to your organization’s remote-work tech stack. Let’s take a look at how it helps sales teams develop good daily work habits, drives productivity, increased revenue, and an intentional culture of trust and excellence in this short demo.

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