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Get Ready for NIL Compliance

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

How to build the processes necessary to maintain NIL compliance and eligibility while improving your athlete experience and preparedness program.

As we await the new Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) regulations, universities need to prepare now so they can empower student athletes to take advantage of NIL endorsements. Although we don’t yet know exactly what the NCAA NIL rules will be, colleges and universities will need to manage both the school’s and the student athletes’ NIL compliance.

Athletic directors will need to find solutions to help:

  • Protect student-athletes’ eligibility as they try to monetize their NIL rights

  • Establish processes to disclose and track NIL opportunities

  • Ensure compliance to help protect students and universities from liability

Integrated NIL & Athlete Experience Programs

student athletes

Many university athletic departments have athlete experience programs designed to comprehensively develop student-athletes; promoting personal growth, professional development and athletic success. The NIL opportunity process will need to be integrated into these programs as well.

Ideally, athletic directors will be able to re-launch an integrated digital and in-person student athlete experience program. There are holistic athlete development platforms designed to digitize and enhance these initiatives that also have built-in NIL compliance processes.

Digital Athlete Experience and NIL Solutions

Digital athlete experience and NIL solutions

One such platform, Performulus, launched with a mission to develop well-rounded student athletes who are prepared to succeed in their sport and in life after graduation, and now offers an NIL compliance solution as well.

The Performulus platform provides players clear expectations through daily activity plans that can be personalized for each athlete. Activity plans help athletes focus on physical skills, nutrition, strength and conditioning, academics, leadership, character development, mental health, career preparedness and search, and more.

Additionally, the NIL solution built into the Performulus platform will empower university athletic departments to help ensure:

  • Student-athletes can safely earn compensation

  • NIL opportunities are tracked, reviewed and documented

  • Universities stay compliant and protected

  • Athletes have an improved experience and safeguarded eligibility

Prepare for NIL Now

As we are all experiencing together, the NIL rules and regulations are a moving target. Finding a solution and setting up processes now that can be fine-tuned and personalized as the regulations and your university's requirements are set is a must. With the advantage of integrating NIL compliance processes with an improved student athlete experience program, athletic departments should take a close look at Performulus' holistic solution.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Performulus platform, check out our on-demand webinar to see this essential tool for NIL opportunity management and compliance tracking in action, and learn how the platform can help differentiate your university by delivering the entire athlete development experience.

Watch the webinar here: Get Ready for NIL Compliance

On-demand webinar: NIL compliance solution

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