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Repetitive Task Processes

Not all processes are created equal

Performulus is specifically designed to manage proactive, repetitive processes much more effectively than traditional project management software.

Deterministic vs Probabilistic


Deterministic Processes - are networks of tasks connected to each other with dependencies that describe the work to be performed. Ideal for traditional project management software.

Probabilistic Processes - are typically focused on the repeated execution of tasks where the quantity and quality of execution has a probabilistic correlation to the outcome. 


See how Performulus reverse engineers Performance Formulas for probabilistic processes.


Eliminate Guesswork


Performulus mathematically reverse engineers a plan prescribing how many of each activity are required based on the expected level of effectivenes.

Focus on completing the right activities every day that lead to results. Daily dashboards give users a daily roadmap showing exactly what needs to be done.


Constantly Improve


The best way to get better at something is through deliberate practice. Complete activities recommended by experts to develop specific abilities.


Use Performulus to spotlight weaknesses and work to turn them into strengths, intentionally pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.


Start inspiring new levels of success in your team.

Get started with Performulus today!

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