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Salesforce Integration
Seamlessly integrate Salesforce data and work the way you want to work

Seamless Salesforce Integration

No extra work or double entry required.


Track activities, opportunities, and stage changes in Salesforce and see the results reflected automatically in Performulus. Easily compare your plan goals to your actual results.

Learn how sales teams translate quotas into action plans.


Segment by Opportunity Type


Break an overall sales goal into objectives. For example, 50% of sales from New Customers and 50% from Existing Customers.  


With Performulus, map objectives to opportunity types in Salesforce to track actual progress to each objective.


Create your activity plan and associate specific activities with those objectives to understand the impact of activity execution on specific objective achievement.

Map Tasks/Events/Emails/Calls

When setting up an activity plan, map Performulus activities directly to your activities defined in Salesforce. This includes support for all activity types including tasks, events, emails, and calls.  


If the activity ends up in Salesforce, Performulus can track it. See your Performulus activity goals vs Salesforce activity actuals.


Review Sales Stage Performance

Performulus converts a sales goal into an activity plan, based on stage conversion rates and average deal size, and then provides monthly goals for each sales stage.


See your Performulus stage goals vs your Salesforce stage actuals.

See Performulus in Action!

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