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For Students

Not just any job, land your ideal job

With Performulus, transform your career goals into a personalized and trackable action plan to land your ideal job.

Finding Your Ideal Job Starts with a Plan


Searching for that job out of college can be a stressful process.  Having a daily activity plan increases the likelihood of a successful search and increases student confidence and motivation.


See Performulus in Action!


Track the Job Search Process and Job Opportunities


Students can follow their search plan and easily track their progress and performance.

Performulus also gives students the ability to track job opportunities including interviews, offers, search status, and notes.

Key Insights Power Coaching and Learning

Advisors and Career Centers have visibility to important aggregate data including the most effective search activities, popular employers, average starting salaries to help direct student search.

Students have visibility to important data including performance against plan, cohort leaderboards, which activities are leading to job opportunities, effectiveness in interviews, and much more.


Land Your Ideal Job with A Plan of Aligned Activities

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